Steven Principato - steven principato

I began my career in the creative world of photography and design over 20 years ago. It all began at the age of 17 when I discovered the magic of Photoshop 3 at my father's print shop in 1994. I was astonished by the inconceivable and unlimited world of photo manipulation that required million dollar mainframes to accomplish just years prior. From that point forward, I knew what I wanted to do in life, and that of course, was to be a rock star. When reality eventually set in, Photoshop proved to be a satisfying alternative to the flashy world of rock stardom, and serve as the dominant skill in my career to follow.

Naturally co-existing alongside a Photoshop skill set, an interest in photography was always inevitable, as one might want to produce their own images to enhance. However, my introduction to the world of professional concert photography came as more of the result of circumstances rather than a goal. I had always dabbled in SLR photography, mostly focusing on industrial subjects where the lighting was generally available and predictable. However, one day the senior editor of an upstart online media blog, who was also a colleague had requested my assistance in covering a concert for a local photographer who had abruptly cancelled. I had agreed and discovered that I was hooked after just one experience, I may not have fulfilled my rock star dreams as previously mentioned, but I was now within the work environment that a so adored. It was from that point on that I would enter the challenging yet rewarding world of concert photography.

Presently, I work as a professional photo retoucher for a high-end fashion retailer and as a staff photographer and writer for, a media blog out of Austin, TX. I am currently open to all freelance opportunities involving design, photography, and course photo retouching and enhancement. I am ready to elevate your image.